Disaster & Disaster Management: Lessons Learned from Japan

Please join CACS on Monday, 10 October for “Disaster & Disaster Management: Lessons Learned from Japan” from Dr. Tadashi Nakasu of the College of Population Studies of Chulalongkorn University. This presentation will examine natural disasters and disaster management in Japan and share lessons learned for disaster reduction in Japan and in Thailand.   Online registration for…

Managing the Migration Crisis in ASEAN+

Dr Napisa Waitoolkiat together with Dr Sriprapha Petcharameesree reported on “Crisis Management in ASEAN + 3—Migration: In Search of Proper Management”  on 28-30 July in Bangkok at the 14th Annual Network of East Asia Think Tanks Meeting. Their work was used to provide a memorandum on migration for the ASEAN Plus Three summit in Vientiane 6-8 September 2016.



Featured image: Steph of The Nation

Myanmar Watch: the Road to Election 2015

Myanmar Watch: The Road to Election 2015 Chuthaporn Suntayakorn Dr. Piratorn Punyaratabandhu Dr. Napisa Waitoolkiat Photo courtesy of oxlaey.com Myanmar will hold its general elections on 8th November 2015. The November general elections will mark a significant step for Myanmar’s democratization given that they are the first open elections in almost three decades since the…